Executive Coaching

2014 Video Interview with Allen Moore, PhD on executive coaching engagements

Allen Moore PhD Managing Partner at Korn Ferry discusses executive coaching engagements and future trends as presented at the 2014 Leadership and Healthcare Conference in an interview with Joan Ryan, Founding Fellow....

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Podcast: Moving Coaching Assessment into the 21st Century

Founding Fellow Joan Ryan faciliates this podcast with Lew Stern, PhD who discusses coaching assessment for the 21st Century.  Lew is a Senior Advisor to the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, and Non-clinical Consultant at McLean....

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2012 Conference Video: Virtuous Leaders

Richard Kilburg, PhD, presents "Virtuous Leaders: Strategy, Character and Influence in the 21st Century" at the 2012 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.

2012 Conference Video: Keynote: Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty: What Do I Do Now?

Deborah Ancona presents the keynote "Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty: What Do I Do Now?" at the 2012 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.

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2013 Conference Video: Executive Coaching: Building and Managing Your Professional Practice

Lew Stern, PhD presents "Executive Coaching: Building and Managing Your Professional Practice" at the 2013 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference. ...

Introduction to Organizational Coaching

Organizational coaching aims at fostering positive, systemic transformation within organizations. It is frequently used to help organizations achieve strategic objectives, enhance leadership capability, and create culture change....

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2014 Harnisch Scholar First Place Poster Award Winner: The Coaching Ripple Effect: The Individual and Systemic Level Influence of Leadership Development

The Coaching Ripple Effect: The Individual and Systemic Level Influence of Leadership Development.

2014 Poster Award, Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference sponsored by Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital, Institute of Coaching

Understanding the importance of gender and leader identity formation in executive coaching for senior women

Within the principles of constructivist grounded theory this study investigates the developmental factors involved in executive coaching for women in senior roles. The paper presents an analysis of the unique experiences of eleven senior women in their...

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Chief Executive Officers' perceived value of coaching: individual and organisational influences

Although coaching is widely being used as a means for leadership development very little is known regarding CEOs’ perceived value of coaching and those factors that influence these perceptions. Using 583 complete surveys from a national US survey of...

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The Heart of Helping: Psychological and Physiological Effects of Contrasting Coaching Interaction

This study tested distinctions in the physiological, cognitive, emotional and relational mechanisms at play during different types of coaching interactions....

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