Powerpoint Slides: Friction Sparks Learning with David Peterson

These are the powerpoint slides that David Peterson, PhD, Director of Leadership and Coaching at Google used for his webinar: Friction Sparks Learning.

Mini-MasterClass: Coaching Essentials: Client Engagement - Part I

Engaging effectively with client organizations and the individuals you coach can make or break a coaching project and how you are viewed as a coaching professional....

Mini-MasterClass: Coaching Essentials: Chemistry Meeting - Part II

We often meet with a client before deciding whether to proceed forward. At times this is to allow the client to choose who, as a coach, is best for them. The chemistry meetings described here are for a executive coaching engagements....

Followers' daily reactions to social conflicts with supervisors: The moderating role of core self-evaluations and procedural justice perceptions

Building on affective events theory (AET; Weiss & Cropanzano, 1996), the present research examined the short-term within-person effects of social conflicts with supervisors at work (SCSs) on followers’ state negative affect (NA) at home....

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Transformational leadership and follower creativity: The mediating role of follower relational identification and the moderating role of leader creativity expectations

We examined follower relational identification with the leader as a mediator and follower perceptions of leader creativity expectations as a moderator in the relationship between transformational leadership and follower creativity....

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Putting non-work ties to work: The case of guanxi in supervisor–subordinate relationships

Traditional Western-based theories of supervisor–subordinate relationships tend to focus on social exchanges in the work domain while omitting potential exchanges that occur in the private domain....

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Beauty is in the in-group of the beholded: Intergroup differences in the perceived attractiveness of leaders

Physical attractiveness is most commonly presumed to be an exogenous characteristic that influences people's feelings, perceptions, and behavior across myriad types of relationships. We investigate the opposite prediction in which feelings toward other people influence the perceptions of others' attractiveness....

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MasterClass: Coaching in Education - A Cornerstone for School Improvement

We were thrilled when one of our Founding Fellows, John Campbell, an education specialist/coach and consultant from Sydney Australia, suggested we dedicate a MasterClass to the fast-emerging field of “coaching in education”. This is especially meaningful as one of our goals at the Institute of Coaching is to expand and diversify our pr...

Video on Coaching in Education with Christian van Nieuwerburgh PhD

Christian van Nieuwerburgh discusses a research project he led which involved teaching coaching skills to students so they could coach other students.

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I get by with a little help from my supervisor: Creative-idea generation idea implementation and perceived supervisor support

In two studies using both field (165 employees and their 24 direct supervisors from a manufacturing firm in Study 1) and experimental (123 second-year undergraduate student participants in lab Study 2) data we explore how perceived supervisor support acts as a crucial contingency that enables higher levels of idea implementation from creative-id...

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