Powerpoint Slides: Appreciative Inquiry- A Positive Revolution in Change

Powerpoint slides created by David Cooperrider PhD, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University

Consulting Today: Adapting Appreciative Inquiry

Consulting Today publishes practical articles by and for consultants, coaches, facilitators and their clients. Sharing our best ideas, models and tools is the way we serve our clients and the field in which we work....

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2012 Video Interview with Ellen van Oosten, Melvin Smith and Lauris Woolford on using coaching in an executive development program

Listen to this exclusive interview conducted by Joan Ryan, Founding Fellow, discussing with Ellen van Oosten, Melvin Smith and Lauris Woolford, their presentation from the 2012 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference on implementing an executive development program coupled with coaching.

Powerpoint Slides: Leading Improvements in Emotional Intelligence and Resonant Leadership through Coaching

Powerpoint slides from the 2012 presentation at the Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference on building a culture of coaching at Fifth Third Bank

Article Review of: Coaching as Cornerstone: The Experience of Implementing a Leadership Development Plan

This article examines how coaching and reflection contribute to a leadership development plan as applied to graduates of a faculty fellowship medical program. Specifically, the authors’ focus is on reciprocal coaching with respect to the implementation of a leadership development plan (LDP)....

Key Elements of Appreciative Inquiry

The article provides a brief overview of appreciative inquiry, discusses if AI is only about the positive, describes the 4-D cycle, types of questions that are typical of AI.

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Do transformational CEOs always make the difference? The role of TMT feedback seeking behavior

In the present paper we raise the question whether CEO transformational leadership invariably makes a difference for team performance and change effectiveness....

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Powerpoint Slides: Becoming An Expert Executive Coach: Developing Advanced Skills and Mastery

In this slide presentation, David Peterson discusses 5 stages of expertise, and why it's challenging to be a great coach.

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CEO leadership behaviors organizational performance and employees' attitudes

This study explores the links between CEO leadership behaviors firm performance and employees' attitudes in a sample drawn from 125 firms in China....

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Do transformational leaders enhance their followers' daily work engagement?

This diary study investigated whether and how supervisors' leadership style influences followers' daily work engagement....

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