Podcast: Coaching Optimal Teams with Amy Edmondson, PhD

In this podcast, Amy Edmondson, PhD, Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School addresses the latest research and best practices for coaching leaders on how to accelerate performance and learn "on the fly" in a world of constant change.

Webinar: Leading From Anywhere: Coaching Leaders Of Remote Teams

It’s undeniable that we’re entering a new era of remote work. While many leaders seek to run business as usual, why settle for the usual when remote teams allow us to work even better?...

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Webinar: Silenced and Sidelined: Finding Voice in Troubling Times

This highly interactive webinar covers the phenomenon of "silencing" in the executive suite — highlighting key original research findings; Dr. Carrie Arnold will review strategies successful people have used to recover and lead with voice currency....

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Silenced and Sidelined: Finding Voice in Troubling Times Slide Presentation

Slide Presentation to accompany Dr. Carrie Arnold's webinar Silenced and Sidelined: Finding Voice in Troubling Times

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4 Behaviors That Help Leaders Manage a Crisis

The roles and responsibilities of business leaders have dramatically changed in the past few weeks. Before COVID-19, CEOs and other executives in high-growth companies were focused on fostering innovation, driving revenue, and gaining market share....

Real Leaders Are Forged in Crisis

We are living through a global health crisis with no modern-day precedent....

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Are You Leading Through the Crisis ... or Managing the Response?

The coronavirus crisis, like every crisis, is unfolding over an arc of time with a beginning, middle, and end. It is useful to think what distinguishes what was, is, and will be. There was a past of relative stability and predictability. There now is chaos and disruption. There will be … a different state....

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The Art of Lingering in Dialogue

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Webinar: The Art of Lingering in Dialogue

Dialogue has become a central medium for building relationships and alignment between co-workers, leaders and teams. In organizations and in helping professions, dialogues are important: they shape and foster a culture grounded in fruitful interactions, reciprocal and transformative leadership....

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Strategic Shared Leadership and Organizational Dynamic Capabilities

We propose that the purposeful sharing of strategic decisions and the process of making and taking those between the dominant coalition of an organization (Strategic Shared Leadership or SSL thereafter), initiated and supported by a focal strategic leader or small team, engenders Organizational Dynamic Capabilities (ODCs) though the transfer of ...

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