Podcast: Coaching Optimal Teams with Amy Edmondson, PhD

In this podcast, Amy Edmondson, PhD, Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School addresses the latest research and best practices for coaching leaders on how to accelerate performance and learn "on the fly" in a world of constant change.

CoachXConversations: Julie Carrier and Carol Kauffman on Empowering the Younger Generation

Julie Carrier is changing the paradigm of secondary education and business leadership with the radical idea that leader development and executive coaching shouldn’t be reserved for already senior employees, but should be something teens experience during their most formative years of devel...

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Visual Coaching: How Coaches Can Leverage the Power of Visual Thinking

The slide presentation to accompany Todd Cherches' webinar: Visual Coaching: How Coaches Can Leverage the Power of Visual Thinking.

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Webinar: Visual Coaching: How Coaches Can Leverage the Power of Visual Thinking

As coaches, how can we more effectively “see” what our clients are thinking and saying…and vice-versa? Well, the research shows that one of the most powerful ways of doing so is through leveraging the power of visuals thinking and visual communication....

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CoachX Conversation: Liz Wiseman and Carol Kauffman: Showing Up With Influence and Impact

Impact Players are people who are making an extraordinary difference in their companies, their communities, and the world. But what is it that these people are doing differently from others? How do they show up differently?...

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The Multiplier Effect: Tapping the Genius Inside Our Schools

When you become a Multiplier, your whole team succeeds!...

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Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work

Is it possible to be at your best even when you are underqualified or doing something for the first time? Is it still possible, even after decades of experience, to recapture the enthusiasm, curiosity, and fearlessness of youth to take on new challenges? With the right mindset—with Rookie Smarts—you can....

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Multipliers, Revised and Updated: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

A revised and updated edition of the acclaimed Wall Street Journal bestseller that explores why some leaders drain capability and intelligence from their teams while others amplify it to produce better results....

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Impact Players: How to Take the Lead, Play Bigger, and Multiply Your Impact

Why do some people break through and make an impact while others get stuck going through the motions?...

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You, Me, We: Why We All Need a Friend at Work (and How to Show Up As One!)

From a trio of authors, best friends, and leadership development consultants, You, Me, We is a book for leaders who want to improve―at leading, yes, but also at their lives. How so? By building deep, long-lasting relationships that set everybody up for success....

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