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2016 Conference Talk: Igniting Initiative for Leaders, Part 1

Mark Thompson and Bonita Thompson present on "Igniting Initiative for Leaders, Part 1" at the Annual 2016 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.

Watch Igniting Initiative for Leaders, Part 2.

2015 Conference Video: Leading from the Emerging Future: Co-Pioneering Healthsystem 4.0

The ability to co-sense and co-shape future opportunities is at the heart of leadership today. The more the current period of disruptive changes deepens, the more critical the collective capacity to innovate will become....

2015 Conference Video: Coaching Leaders in Turbulent Times: Dealing with Complexity, Chaos, and Constant Change

This session explores new research, theory, and innovative ways that coaches can be more effective in helping leaders who are facing complex, unpredictable, and ever-changing business environments. David examines the capabilities leaders require and new ways coaches can help them learn key lessons faster. 

Informal leadership, interaction, cliques and productive capacity in organizations: A collectivist analysis

This study proposes that dynamically changing organizations can achieve stable productive capacity (or environmentally stable states) by adaptively processing internal and external volatility. It tests this proposal with agent network measures rather than with more traditional variables....

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Exploring antecedents and outcomes of shared leadership in a creative context: A mixed-methods approach

Leadership research, traditionally focused on the behavior of an appointed/elected leader, is rapidly shifting towards a distributed, group process form of leadership known as “shared leadership”....

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CoachX: Tips on How to Coach the Global Nomadic Leader

Did you know that 40 percent of global leaders assigned to new positions or overseas posts fail after 18 months? Derailment costs companies at least 10 times these global leaders’ expensive annual salaries. Such failure demoralizes employees and jeopardizes relationships with business partners, customers and other stakeholders....

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Destined To Lead

In a field that's crowded with how-to coaching books and academic tomes on organization/leadership behavior, Destined to Lead breaks away from the crowd with its specificity and candor on how real cases unfolded in the hands in one of the world's most respected pioneers of executive coaching.

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2016 May Coaching Report

Crossing town from one coaching gig to another, I recently had an opportunity to reflect (Manhattan bus traffic provided a bit of down time) on the amazing diversity of today’s leadership landscape.  Women leaders, leaders of color, multi-cultural leaders and, of course, millennials appear in the C-suite in ever greater numbers....

CoachX: Thinking Errors and the Coaching Process: How to help your leaders make better decisions

In this CoachX podcast, Dr. Christy Pearson, IOC Founding Fellow will address following objectives:...

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Women on corporate boards around the world: Triggers and barriers

One of the institutions in which the gender gap remains a contestable issue is the board of directors, where the proportion of female directors is still low. While some countries have achieved higher proportions of female directors on their corporate boards, others have not registered even a single one....

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