Mental Health

Cultivating Cultures of Mental Wellness Through Coaching

The slide presentation to accompany Natasha Bowman's webinar Cultivating Cultures of Mental Wellness Through Coaching

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Webinar: Cultivating Cultures of Mental Wellness Through Coaching

A recent study by The Bowman Foundation for Workplace Equity and Mental Wellness revealed that while most workers admit they struggle with their mental health, disclosing mental health disorders to employers is still an issue....

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You Can't Do That at Work: 100 legal mistakes that managers make in the workplace

Insightful, humorous and written to shed light on the easiest way for leaders, managers and employees to stay protected; You Can't Do That at Work probes beyond the dry complexities and widely known maze of federal statutes and HR regulations into the grey areas of discrimination law...

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Mental health impacts of racial discrimination in Australian culturally and linguistically diverse communities: a cross-sectional survey

Racial discrimination denies those from racial and ethnic minority backgrounds access to rights such as the ability to participate equally and freely in community and public life, equitable service provision and freedom from violence....

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Building the World's Mental Health Workforce

PowerPoint slides to compliment Vikram Patel's presentation at the 2021 Harvard Medical School Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.

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2021 Conference: Building the World’s Mental Health Workforce

The lecture will describe the innovative approaches to address the shortage of skilled providers of mental health care, through the use of low-cost technologies and providers, leveraging resources available in any community....

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Webinar: Permission to Feel: Strategies for Healthy Emotion Regulation During Uncertain Times

How are you feeling? Have you been riding a roller coaster of emotions lately? A blend of anxiety, stress, and frustration?  You aren’t alone. In this live presentation, Dr....

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Enhancing Well-being and Goal Striving in Senior High School Students: Comparing Evidence Based Coaching and Positive Psychology Interventions

This study compared a cognitive-behavioural, solution focused (CB-SF) coaching intervention and a positive psychology intervention (PPI) utilising a randomised control trial design. PPIs are described as volitional activities focused on enhancing well-being and promoting flourishing through helping people to ch...

Coaching in a non-clinical setting with coachees who access mental health services

This paper presents the findings from the study of a unique coaching situation. Coachees currently accessing mental health services and members of Converge (see below) were paired with undergraduate coaching students for time-limited coaching. Participants took part in semi-structured interviews....

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Positivity ratio of flourishing individuals: Examining the moderation effects of methodological variations and chronological age

We tested the relationship between flourishing and positivity ratio while accounting for different measures of affect and rating scale formats. We further examined age-related differences in positivity ratio. Studies 1 and 2 showed that positivity ratio is affected by the measure used, but not by the rating scale format....

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