Mindfulness and Character Strengths A Practical Guide to Flourishing

Looking for the latest research and practices on character strengths and mindfulness? Curious about how character strengths can supercharge your mindfulness practice? Or how mindfulness can help you deploy your best qualities? Look no further the...

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MasterClass: Organize Your Mind for Coaching: A Thriving Mindset

It has never been more difficult for the brain’s CEO region, the prefrontal cortex, to perform at its best. Leaders (and coaches) are dealing with epidemics of distractions - multi-tasking, extreme pressures - made worse by a brain energy crisis....

Relational Frame Theory, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and a Functional Analytic Definition of Mindfulness

The present article interprets mindfulness from the point of view of the effects of language and cognition on human action. Relational Frame Theory is described to show how human suffering is created by entanglement with the cognitive networks made possible by language....

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Stress Less, Live More: How Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Can Help You Live a Busy yet Balanced Life

I'm never going to finish this project on time. This is hopeless; everything's going wrong. Why do I try to do everything at once? A busy life is full of stressful situations — that's a given. But that doesn't mean there is nothing you can do. Your thoughts can actually affect the way your brain processes stress, for better or worse....

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Mindful(l) intuition: Does mindfulness influence the access to intuitive processes?

The assumption that mindfulness facilitates the access to intuitive processes has been theoretically formulated but not investigated yet. Therefore, the present study explored whether the intuitive performance in a judgment of semantic coherence task of N = 94 participants was related to trait mindfulness....

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Podcast: VIA Character Strengths with Ryan Niemiec: Improving Well-being, Mindfulness, Leadership, and Teamwork,

IOC Founder Carol Kauffman interviews Ryan Niemiec, one of the leaders of the Positive Psychology movement.  He is the developer of the VIA Character Strengths and discusses them in action: Improving Well-being, Mindfulness, Leadership, and Teamwork .

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2015 January Coaching Report

We are pleased to start off 2015 focused on the evolving field of neuroscience and harnessing the power of your own brain....

MasterClass: Mindfulness - Understanding and Defining Mindfulness - Part I

Thank you for joining us for our two-part MasterClass series on mindfulness featuring the work of Ellen Langer, Ph.D. and Dan Siegel, M.D. In Part I of this MasterClass, will begin by asking, “What is mindfulness?” Surprisingly, one of the best ways to begin to understand mindfulness is by getting to know its opposite: mindlessness....

Matters of Mind: Mindfulness/Mindlessness in Perspective

The dual concepts of mindfulness and mindlessness are described. Mindfulness is a state of conscious awareness in which the individual is implicitly aware of the context and content of information. It is a state of openness to novelty in which the individual actively constructs categories and distinctions....

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2012 Conference Video: Meditation and Mindfulness in Health, Work and Life

Lilian Cheung, PhD, presents "Meditation & Mindfulness in Health, Work & Life" at the 2012 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.

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