Difficult Coaching Clients and the Power of Mindfulness

Slide presentation to accompany Dr. Sandra Diller's webinar Difficult Coaching Clients and the Power of Mindfulness.

Webinar: Difficult Coaching Clients and the Power of Mindfulness

In this webinar, IOC Harnisch Research Grant recipient Dr. Sandra Diller presents current research on coaching difficult clients. Her research includes studies on overall difficulties with client personalities and clients with high dark triad tendencies....

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Psychological Capital: An Evidence-Based Positive Approach

The now recognized core construct of psychological capital, or simply PsyCap, draws from positive psychology in general and positive organizational behavior (POB) in particular. The first-order positive psychological resources that make up PsyCap include hope, efficacy, resilience, and optimism, or the HERO within....

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How Coaches Choose New Year Resolutions

Given that the readiness to change a behavior is determined by a decisional balance: the balance of the pros for change (improve motivation) and the cons or barriers to change (which reduce confidence) take time to contemplate what you want to change in 2019.

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How Coaches Celebrate the Holidays

In case you need inspiration for celebrating the holidays, aka developing family psychological capital, tour this paper on psychological capital as a team phenomenon, by Heled, Somech, and Waters in Israel and Australia.

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Peak Coaching Experiences

You may be reflecting on your peak coaching experiences or peak life experiences for 2018. Czech authors Honsova and Jarosova published a lovely qualitative paper in 2018 on peak coaching experiences. Here are the bottom lines.

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2018 Conference Keynote Presentation: Harvard Business School Case: Developing and Coaching Effective Managers

The best organizations can rarely survive a poor manager's reluctant efforts to lead them, and even the most average organizations can be made great by a good manager. In this new HBS case on “Coaching Makena Lane,” we look at the role of coaching in developing effective managers.

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Dialogic Intelligence: A Research and Framework for Fast-Forwarding Your Coaching

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Webinar: Dialogic Intelligence: A Research and Framework for Fast-Forwarding Your Coaching

Coaching is a precise process of curating and fostering change....

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Coaching for health and lifestyle change: Theory and guidelines for interacting and reflecting with women about their challenges and aspirations

Coaching is increasingly applied throughout life and work domains as a relatively new way to support the learning and development of individuals and groups. In a research project group coaching was applied and explored with menopausal women (45 to 55 years of age)....

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