Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work

Thinkers50 Management Thinker of 2015 Whitney Johnson wants you to consider this simple, yet powerful, idea: disruptive companies and ideas upend markets by doing something truly different—they see a need, an empty space waiting to be filled, and they dare to create something for which a market may not yet exist.&n...

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2016 Conference Talk: Success Built to Last with Carol Kauffman Intro [HD]

Mark Thompson presents on "Success Built to Last: Creating a Life That Matters" with an introduction by Carol Kauffman at the Annual 2016 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.

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The Science of Success

Excerpt: Most of us have genes that make us as hardy as dandelions: able to take root and survive almost anywhere. A few of us however are more like the orchid: fragile and fickle but capable of blooming spectacularly if given greenhouse care....

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