What Actually Makes Us Happy? Lessons from an 85-Year Study of Life

For most of the 20th century we measured our wellbeing solely on the basis of gross domestic product. In the last 20 years, people have taken a serious look at what makes us happy....

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Secure and Insecure Striving - How Embracing What Is Allows Us to Achieve What Can Be

The slide presentation to accompany Homaira Kabir​'s webinar: Secure and Insecure Striving — How Embracing What Is Allows Us to Achieve What Can Be

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Tomorrowmind: Thriving at Work with Resilience, Creativity, and Connection―Now and in an Uncertain Future

Thrive in your career with this radical, future-proofed approach to work in a world where automation, globalization, and downsizing are an urgent and threatening reality—from experts in workplace mental health, Gabriella Kellerman, CPO of BetterUp, and world-renowned psychologist Martin S...

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Conference 2023: Day 1 Beyond the Absence of Disease: Communication, Health and Well-being

Despite major advances in the science of positive health and well-being, the dominant discourse in the public arena and in the industry has been to focus on physical and mental health as distinct areas of health promotion and interventions....

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Coaching Play and Playfulness

Only in recent years (emerging in the 1950s and resurfacing in the early 2000s) have researchers focused on the value of play and playfulness for adults. It turns out that play and playfulness are sources of well-being for adults, both at work and home.

Healthy Living & Well-Being: Chicken and Egg?

The benefits of health behaviors, such as regular exercise, to improve well-being are widely known. Evidence also suggests that well-being improves physical health. Happier people tend to live longer and to have better cardiovascular health and stronger immune systems....

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Heal Thyself With Coaching

While physicians invest most of their days in caring for patients, there is much room for improvement in the care of physicians in today’s healthcare climate. Symptoms of burnout are nearly twice as common among physicians as other US workers....

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Positive Psychology Coaching in Practice

Positive Psychology Coaching in Practice provides a comprehensive overview of positive psychology coaching, bringing together the best of science and practice, highlighting current research, and emphasising the applicability of each element to coaching....

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2017 Conference Keynote: Coaching to Thrive

Jim Prochaska presents on Coaching to Thrive at the 2017 Annual Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.

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Promoting Resident Success and Well-being Through Coaching

PowerPoint slides to compliment Dr. Kerri Palamara's presentation at the 2017 Harvard Medical School Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.