101 Quick Tips for High-Talent Companies

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101 Quick Tips for High-Talent Companies

The IOC is pleased to present books authored by our Fellows

The Top-Notch CEO Guide is an outstanding practical handbook for professionals at all levels who want to build great organizations and fulfilling lives." - Barbara Bry, COO, Blackbird Ventures and Founder, Athena San Diego. *** High-talent companies offer top-notch products, services, and innovations. The question for many high-talent companies is how to convert their talent into the profit they deserve. Discover how to convert your talent into more profit through top-notch leadership. Stephie Althouse, PhD, a respected authority on guiding high-talent companies and their people to higher profits, has a proven record of bringing successful companies to the next level and turning around unprofitable companies. She coaches and consults with business leaders, focusing on CEOs, business owners and employee owners (see a second volume in this series coming out specifically for employee owners). 



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