Chapter 6 | Bodies, Embodiment and Stories

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Chapter 6 | Bodies, Embodiment and Stories
Publication Date: 
January, 2013
Research Methods - Sage Publishing

In social scientific research on narratives it's not uncommon that the body is left out of the analysis. In a comment on the state of the art in narrative studies, the British sociologist Brett Smith wrote:

Narrative researchers should not simply be content with theories and conceptual musing on and about the body. We also might turn our attention to generating stories from and with actual lived and living human bodies […]. Bodies are partly connected and ‘known’ through narrative – the stories they tell. Indeed, we tell stories about, in, out of, and through our bodies. Likewise, as a resource, stories from outside our bodies endow us with a sense of interior, subjective reality and are integral to efforts ...

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Hydén, L.-C. (2013). Bodies, Embodiment and Stories In M. Andrews, C. Squire & M. Tamboukou (Eds.), Doing Narrative Research. London: Sage Pub.

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