Coaching for Allyship and Inclusion

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Coaching for Allyship and Inclusion

Coaching practitioners and the leaders they work with often share a steep learning curve when it comes to the fast-changing landscape and conversation about workplace diversity, equity and inclusion. And yet this learning relationship has never been more critical. As coaches deepen their own practice in this area, they can also support and accelerate their clients’ development and evolution, by being well-versed in everything from psychological safety to the latest terminology, creating a space for powerful exploration and dialogue that so many leaders need to navigate discomfort and grow new competency.

In this dialogue with IOC Executive Director, Jeffery Hull, best-selling author and inclusive leadership authority Jennifer Brown shared key principles every leader needs to understand, from her view of current and emerging diversity dimensions, to the challenge of covering, to her accessible framework that meets learners where they’re at, the Inclusive Leader Continuum. Her book, How to be an Inclusive Leader, and the accompanying assessment, expand on each phase of the learning journey, and equip leaders at all levels with new awareness, inspiration, and encouragement for the road ahead.

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