Communication Tool #6 - Management Checklist of Sharing Information

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Communication Tool #6 - Management Checklist of Sharing Information

Both new and experienced managers need to continuously learn and revisit what  information they need to share with their key constituents (Board members, the leadership team, boss, peers, employees, customers, investors, the public, etc.). 

Senior leaders and leadership teams need to focus on vision and strategy with a focus on the big picture and the future. Managers, management teams, and individual professionals need to focus more on tactics, details, and areas of their own areas of specialization or responsibility. 

To many experienced leaders the following list is obvious but may not be at the front of their minds. This is especially true when they are extremely busy and don’t take the time to think about what their constituents want and need to know. It is also especially important to regularly and frequently revisit what information needs to be shared at critical moments and in times of significant change. 

Sharing information is not a one-way process. Each time information is shared is an opportunity to ask what constituents care and need to know about most, how they respond to the information, and what additional information or messages are important for them to receive. 

We hope this checklist helps in how you want to share your information with key constituents.

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