Conscious Marketing: Marketing from the Inside Out

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Conscious Marketing: Marketing from the Inside Out
The IOC is pleased to share books authored by our Fellows and Sponsors.

This manual and guide will teach you the fundamental principles needed to market your coaching practice in addition to helping you delve deeper to uncover the mindsets you use to market your practice. By the time you complete this workbook and guide you will have:

• Redesigned your thinking to attract your ideal clients
• Constructed a core message that showcases your talents and value
• Locked and loaded your calendar with action plans to items to support your strategies
• Engaged a powerful support network to keep you moving forward

If you purchase this book outside of my formal Authentic Marketing class or private mentoring sessions think of this book as a self-paced course that you are independently auditing at home. To get the most out of the experience plan to find a coaching buddy with whom you can do the in-class exercises and fieldwork. Also plan to schedule time on your calendar to explore each module.

Conscious Marketing provides a series of succinct learning modules with the essential elements needed to support new thinking and supercharge your motivation to promote your work and share the insights behind your success. This book will enable you to fall in love again with marketing and spread the word about what you can accomplish for your clients. The secret? Get conscious.

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