Developing coaching cultures: a review of the literature

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Developing coaching cultures: a review of the literature

This paper provides a review of the literature on coaching cultures. It offers a frame of reference for future research to build on existing knowledge and understanding in this field. The review included literature from industry and education perspectives. The key terms ‘coaching’ ‘coaching cultures’ and ‘coaching in organisations’ were used to search the following sources: PsycINFO Academic Search Complete and Business Source Complete. Additional texts were consulted and included to ensure a broad contextual basis for the discussion. The review is presented in five sections: definition of coaching cultures; the use of coaching to support organisational change; training staff within organisations to become internal coaches; coaching cultures in educational settings; and ways of creating coaching cultures. A review of current literature suggested that the creation of coaching cultures in organisations required the following: promotion through the organisation and targeted efforts by its senior leaders; coaching should be presented as an integrated part of the organisation or system; role modelling is essential and leaders should demonstrate strong personal commitment to the development of their own capabilities. Finally some directions for further research are proposed.

Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice, 2014 Vol. 7, No. 2, 90 – 101

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