Development of an Instrument for Microanalysis of Coaching Sessions

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Development of an Instrument for Microanalysis of Coaching Sessions
Publication Date: 
August, 2015
Human Development Resource Quarterly

This paper presents the results of a project aimed at the development and the use of an instrument designed to identify differences and similarities across coaching approaches at the level of a specific coaching session. 41 professional coaches described one of their typical coaching sessions using this instrument and found it comprehensive. Q‐mode Factor analysis suggests that there was one overarching shared viewpoint about the way a mid‐engagement coaching session is typically facilitated. This suggests that there may be considerable similarities in how coaching is actually practiced in spite of the existence of a variety of coaching traditions, genres and contexts in which coaching takes place, leading to one extended conceptual definition of coaching. We suggest that the tool makes possible a number of research projects, allows a clearer understanding of services typically provided by contracted coaches and assists in self‐evaluation of professional and ‘on‐the‐job’ types of coaching.

Bachkirova, T., Sibley, J., & Myers, A. C. (2015). Developing and applying a new instrument for microanalysis of the coaching process: The coaching process q-set. Human Resource Development Quarterly. doi:

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