The Ethical Coaches’ Handbook

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The Ethical Coaches’ Handbook
Book Cover: The Ethical Coaches’ Handbook

What does it mean to be ethical as a coach? Just how ethical are you? How does ethics influence your coaching and how do you know if you are engaging in ethical practice? This important and eye-opening volume provides critical insight from the thought leaders in coaching across a full range of ethical issues.

Presented in four parts, this new handbook works to guide the reader towards ethical maturity to strengthen their practice, though examination of theory and thought provoking practice examples. Part 1, Foundations of Ethics in Coaching, provides a detailed overview of the basic principles of ethical coaching. Part 2, Ethics in Coaching Practice, details specific examples of where you will need to think ethically and be guided by good ethics within your practice. Part 3, Pushing the Boundaries of Ethical Thinking in Coaching, dives deeper into topics such as race, managing mental health, the environment and marketing. Part 4 consists of twelve case studies which encourage you to think about putting the theory of the book into practice.

The Ethical Coaches’ Handbook will provide ideal support to students, practitioners and coach educators looking to deepen, broaden and enhance their ethical coaching practice.

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