A follower-centric approach to the vision integration process

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A follower-centric approach to the vision integration process
The Leadership Quarterly

Leaders increasingly understand the importance of involving followers in the vision implementation process. Viewing vision as a guiding framework that may or may not be adopted by followers throughout the organization we test a model of the leader–follower communication processes involved in linking vision with follower work behaviors and decisions. Using a cross-sectional research design we examine the basic relationships in a hypothesized model of the vision integration process. Employees from a health maintenance organization (HMO) (N=340) completed surveys concerning leader–follower communication perceptions of the company's vision and its integration into their work behaviors. Not surprisingly leader–follower communication regarding vision is crucial. More importantly how the vision isunderstood and integrated by followers into work behaviors and decisions significantlypredicts commitment job satisfaction and supervisory ratings of performance. Based onthese findings a more follower-centered conceptualization of vision is offered.

The Leadership Quarterly Volume 23, Issue 3, June 2012, Pages 476–487

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