Goodbye, Perfect: How to Stop Pleasing, Proving, and Pushing for Others… and Live For Yourself

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Goodbye, Perfect: How to Stop Pleasing, Proving, and Pushing for Others… and Live For Yourself
Goodbye Perfect

A moving, cross-national account of working mothers’ daily lives―and the revolution in public policy and culture needed to improve them

Why are so many conscientious women needlessly hard on themselves for things they readily forgive in others? Why do so many competent women shy away from risks and opportunities, or fear speaking up in the workplace? And why do so many ambitious women feel like a fraud despite the success and achievements they have rightfully earned?

For fans of Brene Brown and lovers of inspiring self-help titles, Goodbye, Perfect is a must-read leadership and self-care book for women who have fallen into the toxic traps of perfectionism, approval seeking and endless doing. At its core, it teaches us how to embrace the gifts our lives embody, and reclaim joy, ease and psychological well being as fundamental tenets of a brave and purpose-driven life.

This is the essence of living for yourself. It is about living the life you're here to live.

With a clear and science-based explanation of the two types of high confidence, and highly relatable stories from both her personal and professional life, author, coach and thought leader Homaira Kabir helps us understand why most women struggle with fragile confidence, and how it is the greatest barrier to their biggest lives. She offers an uplifting and empowering way to reclaim our lives, both professionally and personally; instead of fighting the behaviors that we know are getting in our way, we unhook from the need to engage with them. It is the journey of optimal confidence.

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