How to Culture Coaching

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How to Culture Coaching
How to Culture Coaching

We opened our May 2019 Coaching Report by imagining a world where coaching conversations are everyday events:

Soon after we first experience how skilled coaching brings the pleasure of new discoveries and insights, we begin to wonder: what would the world be like if coaching conversations were everyday events? What if everyone knew how to detach from being an authoritative and directive expert in order to engage in an open, nonlinear conversation which awakens another to their strengths, insights, and wisdom?

Coaching conversations – ones that are truly open, expansive, diverse, and creative— make coaching cultures. Coaching cultures in organizations everywhere will give individuals, teams, and organizations the capacity to keep up in this unprecedented age of dizzying, accelerating change.

In this research dose we explore a 2014 article included in the May coaching report that deserves more attention as to date it is the only literature review on coaching cultures: Developing coaching cultures: A review of the literature, by UK authors Helen Gormley and Christian van Nieuwerburgh. The review is based upon a search of the literature and non-academic books; it serves as a qualitative summary of the literature. Here are four main themes the review explored.

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