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From Insight to Action
The IOC is pleased to share books authored by our Fellows and Sponsors.

Be a more effective staff or volunteer leader by embracing six emerging competencies eight essential organizational foundations and one unifying strategy (co-creation).
From Insight to Action offers insights to help you lead and sustain an organizational culture that embraces the opportunities that a dynamic environment presents. Take a fresh look at leadership. The cornerstones of From Insight to Action are the following six competencies.

  • 360-degree thinking--being cognizant that ideas and insights from anywhere are interconnected
  • A heightened sense of internal intuition--the art of blending knowledge with perception to make better decisions
  • Dynamic decision-making--a framework for determining whether a decision should be made more on intuition data or processes or both
  • Using powerful questions--recognizing patterns and creating meaning behind data gathered
  • Understanding change--identifying the factors underlying people's ability to absorb and embrace change
  • Diversity of thought--seeing and valuing stylistic differences in thinking personal experiences and inborn human characteristics.

Increase your leadership capacity with this book geared specifically for association leaders.

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