Lighting up the tunnel together

June 2020 Coaching Report

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June 2020 Coaching Report
Lighting up the tunnel together

Looking for Light in a Dark Tunnel

While we find ourselves past the acute phase of the COVID-19 crisis, many of us are not yet on higher ground. A new HBR article aptly titled: If you feel like you’re regressing, you’re not alone, describes the state of dampened morale. It can feel like the tunnel doesn’t yet have an end, let alone a visible light.

In the midst of this darkness, recent events have reminded us of the intense pain caused by institutionalized racism and discrimination in our society, posing a crisis that must be faced with concrete and bold action. While the IOC strives to create a space where individuals of all backgrounds can learn to be the best advocates, allies, and change agents they can be, we must do more. In the coming days, we will request your input on a comprehensive set of initiatives we plan to launch that are intended to enhance diversity, inclusion, and community empowerment in everything we do. Please stay tuned for more information and take advantage of our new offerings below.

Let's Light up the Tunnel, Together

1. Virtual Huddles (Join Us!)

  • Over the past 12 weeks, our weekly virtual huddles for IOC Fellows and Affiliates Huddles have nourished, enriched, and empowered us all; seeing all of your faces from across the globe, supporting one another has given rise to a stronger sense of community than ever before.
  • Our IOC huddles generated a timely set of Beautiful Coaching Questions.

2. Content Tailored to The Pandemic

3. New Programming

  • Susan David inspires everyone in a June 4 webinar to help our new selves and new habits stick.
  • Don’t miss the June 24-26 IOC/Association for Coaching online conference “Coaching in the Workplace” to ignite inspiration and enthusiasm while we travel through the pandemic tunnel.

4. Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

  • We will be establishing a Council of Thought Leaders on Diversity and Inclusion, selected from community nominations, to accelerate scholarship and science-based programming in this important space.
  • We will be establishing a number of support groups and advisory boards for our community, especially people of color and other minorities, to help us better meet the needs of our members, regardless of race, color, creed, age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.
  • We will be creating a Masterclass on Race and Allyship as an educational resource for our community.

Lighting up the IOC Leadership Structure

Finally, we are delighted to announce our new leadership structure at IOC to allow us to grow and expand. Om Lala, MD, MBA, MPH, will serve as our Executive Director. With a deep background in executive and health coaching, research, and organizational strategy, his leadership will continue to position IOC well for an expansive phase. We have also formed a Board of Directors led by Margaret Moore (Chair) and Carol Kauffman (Co-Chair), along with Susan David, and Phil Levendusky (McLean).

We are honored to travel this path through these trying times together with you as an IOC community, shaping the new world ahead as coaches and thought leaders.

Margaret Moore, MBA
Co-Founder, Chair, IOC

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