March 2019 Coaching Report

March 2019 Coaching Report

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March 2019 Coaching Report
March 2019 Coaching Report

Successful Coaches Are Science-Focused Marketers

What is “Science-Focused Marketing” for coaches? 

First, we learn about coaching science — theories and research supporting coaching techniques and positive outcomes. Second, we apply coaching science to improve skills and outcomes. Then we can engage in science-focused marketing by effectively explaining coaching science to prospective clients.

I’m still surprised at how effective science-focused marketing can be. Just this week, when pitching a coaching program to a biotech firm, the CHRO asked a question and I launched into a description of concepts from positive psychology and neuroscience that underpin effective coaching techniques. I mentioned how “activating the parasympathetic nervous system” opens up big picture thinking, widens focus, and accelerates innovation. The CHRO’s face lit up — “this is perfect for our scientists, I love it!”

What did she really mean? This tiny data download gave her the kind of ammunition she needed to persuade the executive committee to fund the leadership development programs that are desperately needed in her organization.

When answering her question, I was drawing on the science featured in IOC resources such as conference videos, webinars, interviews, and articles. For instance, I referred to the work by IOC thought leaders — from Richard Boyatzis and Rich Ryan, to Barbara Fredrickson and Amy Edmondson.

This month we feature Suzy Green’s research on coaching and positive psychology, as well as Dorie Clark’s webinar and book on marketing and Brian Underhill’s study of  what executives want from coaches.

Marketing your coaching programs with short tutorials on coaching science is highly effective.

The world needs more of us — coaches who understand the importance of integrating science in our both our work and how we talk about the value we offer. 

Carol Kauffman, IOC Executive Director


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