MasterClass: Authentic Leadership and Values

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MasterClass: Authentic Leadership and Values

This MasterClass introduces you to authentic leadership in the tradition of Harvard Business School and Bill George. We hope these tools, which include some recommended books, videos, and research articles, will guide you in coaching your clients to their true North. 

A common misperception is that authentic = honest. In the Harvard Business School framework, authentic leadership is the process by which a leader understands his or her uniqueness, values, and life purpose and develops the capacity to use these as a rudder to steer his or herself and the organization toward high performance and integrity. Without this clear personal vision and mission it’s hard to master the kind of leadership, agility, and stability required by today's complex challenges.

If you look at the history of leadership, it’s gone from the command and control models of the past, to leadership approaches that are more adept at fully tapping into human capital and responding to changing circumstances. More recently, the field has moved from what Jim Collins describes as Level 4 charismatic leadership to Level 5 leadership where one is both highly determined, high-performing as well as humble. This leader’s goal is to increase the organization's entire bench strength, leaving it stronger after they leave rather than dependent on the leaders’ presence.

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Watch as Nick Craig, President of the Authentic Leadership, discusses authentic leadership:


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