Myprism: Override Your Autopilot, Choose Mindful Leadership

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Myprism: Override Your Autopilot, Choose Mindful Leadership
Book Cover: Myprism: Override Your Autopilot, Choose Mindful Leadership

Written by six experienced coaches, all members of the Institute of Coaching at McLean (an affiliate of Harvard Medical School) who have over 100 years coaching experience between them, MYPRISM emerged from pandemic lockdown discussions and addresses the critical issue of managers and executives relying on 'autopilot' to guide them, their leadership practice and their organizations through the challenges they encounter.

This short but highly readable book uses the MYPRISM acronym to guide the reader through the seven elements of their intentional leadership framework. The prism metaphor reminding us how illuminating the process can be, allowing us to turn confusion and chaos into colour and clarity.

Defaulting to an 'autopilot' is efficient only when there is no time to think or when circumstances have not substantially changed. In today's complex world decision-making and organizational management requires something more intentional: mindful leadership.

Autopilot is a natural default choice in the face of change, when it is scary or uncertain. However, if left unchecked, autopilot creates blind spots, distorts reality and clouds perspectives and frequently can lead to suboptimal solutions. MYPRISM brings the collected insights and wisdom of the authors executive coaching experience together and provides a simple framework to turn off your autopilot and choose mindful leadership.

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