Pride and the experience of meaning in daily life

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Pride and the experience of meaning in daily life

To investigate meaning as experienced in daily life where it has been linked to positive events and emotions experience-sampling data were used to examine the positive emotion of pride. Recent empirical work emphasizes self-focused self-enhancing action (i.e. achieving) as a source of pride but theory suggests that other-focused action (i.e. caring) is also significant. Because work and family are common sources of meaning that offer opportunities to feel pride about both achieving and caring in daily life working parents (247 mothers and 271 fathers) were studied. Achievement experience and prosocial experience both were associated with pride. However pride’s comparatively neglected relationship to prosocial experience was even stronger than its relationship to achievement experience in family life and work life for women and men. Two recognized sources of meaning – both other-oriented – were associated with experiences of intense pride: being with one’s children and working with clients.

The Journal of Positive Psychology , 2013

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