Through the lens of strength: A framework for educating the heart

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Through the lens of strength: A framework for educating the heart
The Journal of Positive Psychology

The work of Chris Peterson and his colleagues provides a context and rationale for creating a new paradigm for character education. While most character education approaches (past and present) have served the purpose of inculcating societal norms and expectations, a positive psychology-based approach seeks to help individuals identify and engage their personal character strengths, thereby promoting well-being. To date, research on character strengths-based classroom interventions has identified positive outcomes related to positive emotion, engagement, relationships, and accomplishment. During the past decade, a number of public and private schools have served as pioneers in this emerging field. This work has contributed to the development of (1) a theoretical framework for infusing strengths-based practices in classrooms and schools and (2) a corresponding body of practices.

The Journal of Positive Psychology, 2015 Vol. 10 Iss, 1, 64-68

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