Tomorrowmind: Coaching for the Whitewater World of Work

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Tomorrowmind: Coaching for the Whitewater World of Work
Conference 2024 . Harvard medical school, mclean and institute of coaching

In her book Tomorrowmind, co-authored with Martin Seligman, Kellerman outlined the five skills essential for personal and professional success in a workplace of uncertainty, volatility, and isolation. These five PRISM powers - prospection, resilience, innovation, social connection, and mattering - can all be developed, and are best built through coaching. In this session, Dr Kellerman will describe the process of arriving at the PRISM five; share novel scientific findings about how to build each; and highlight coaching techniques best suited to support coachees working on these skills. She will also describe the importance of building these skills for coaches in particular.

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