Using Client Feedback in Executive Coaching, Improving Reflective Practice

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Using Client Feedback in Executive Coaching, Improving Reflective Practice
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More and more coaches are becoming credentialed and regularly engage in training and supervision to gain feedback and learn from their peers. Coaches (and the organisations that hire them) recognise the value of continuous professional development and reflective practice to give them a competitive edge. Yet very few leverage their own clients as a source of information in their professional development, despite the fact that clients spend more time observing and experiencing them in practice than all other observers combined. This book will help you make the most of this untapped resource.
Applicable to executive coaches worldwide, as well as their educators and supervisors, this book will:

  • Highlight effective executive coaching behaviours in relation to two major outcomes of coaching: the strength of the coach-client relationship and the generation of new insights for the client
  • Present a structured process to educate your clients about the benefits of soliciting their feedback
  • Offer a protocol to seamlessly ask for client feedback during a coaching session
  • Demonstrate how to use client feedback to inform reflective practice, whether alone or in educational or supervision settings

With a deep evidence-base from the author’s research in 25 countries, involving over 130 clients of executive coaching, this is compelling and pragmatic reading to support the use of client feedback in practice.

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“Engaging with this book will prove to be developmental.”
—Tatiana Bachkirova, Professor of Coaching Psychology and Co-Director of the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies at Oxford Brookes University, UK
“A must-have book if one wants to succeed in the highly competitive environment of executive coaching.”
—Wai K, ICF Master Certified Coach and Managing Partner, JMC Coach Mastery Academy, Malaysia
“A welcome insight on how the coach’s feedback can be used in a structured manner.”
—Carola Hieker, Co-Founder and Managing Director of HIL Coaching and Honorary Professor of Transformation Leadership at University College London, UK
“A novel and invaluable contribution to the executive coaching literature."
—Alan Sieler, Director, Newfield Institute and Ontological Coaching Institute, Australia
“Fresh and well-researched.”
—Teresa J Pool, ACTP Director, UT Dallas Executive Coaching Certificate Program, USA

Hélène Seiler is an international executive coaching practitioner, supervisor and educator with over 30 years of experience in leadership development and talent management. Hélène has worked and lived in North-America, Western Europe and South-East Asia.


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