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Webinar: Building a Trustworthy Reputation as a Coach

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Webinar: Building a Trustworthy Reputation as a Coach

As we begin 2022, as executive coaches, we’re all thinking about the many new and unfolding stressors and challenges our clients, or prospective clients, are facing. In many instances, we have to raise our game to meet the unprecedented moments that they are confronting. We assume that because our intentions are good, our clients naturally “trust us.”  On what do we base our hope or assumption of trust? Our expertise? Reputation? Well meaning? The fact is, that if we want to attract and keep the kinds of clients we find joy in working with, trust is something we no longer have the luxury of taking for granted. Intending to be trustworthy is a far cry from actually being trustworthy. Based on his 15-year longitudinal study of more than 3200 leaders, author Ron Carucci will be sharing the findings from his research for his new book, To Be Honest; Lead with the Power of Truth, Justice and Purpose to offer executive coaches practical ways to raise the likelihood that clients, and clients you hope to attract, will readily trust you.  

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