Webinar: Coaching for Mindfulness: Restore Autonomy and Cure Burnout

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Webinar: Coaching for Mindfulness: Restore Autonomy and Cure Burnout
Gail Gazelle Mindfulness

With the increasing corporatization of many sectors of the economy, levels of burnout are high. This is particularly true in healthcare where many professionals experience burnout seemingly due to excessive demands, moral distress, and loss of autonomy over their work conditions. While a great deal of research documents this, there is much less data available on how to manage it. At the same time, in many ways, the training of physicians (and others) plants the seeds of burnout as the emphasis is on perfection, harsh self-criticism, having to prove one’s worth, and never showing vulnerability or weakness.

Pragmatic mindfulness provides tools to promote autonomy and involves much more than meditation. At its core, mindfulness is a form of mental training that harnesses awareness of the thoughts and stories the mind generates, and facilitates shifting attention from these to what’s actually occurring right in front of us. In many ways, coaching can be considered mindfulness in action, as we help clients deepen awareness in the service of results, growth, and change.

In this session, Dr. Gazelle provides deep insights based on her recent book, Mindful MD, into the current state of healthcare burnout and practical strategies coaches can utilize to help clients restore their autonomy and avoid burnout, in healthcare and beyond.

Key Takeaways:

  • How is it that mindfulness restores autonomy in healthcare and beyond?
  • Understand the 6 ways mindfulness cures burnout.
  • See examples of how coaching is actually mindfulness in action.
  • Beyond suggesting meditation, how can coaches incorporate mindfulness in their work?

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