Coaching Startup Founders

Webinar: Coaching Startup Founders, and other High Velocity Leaders

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Webinar: Coaching Startup Founders, and other High Velocity Leaders

Coaching high velocity leaders – either startup founders or leaders operating inside of fast-growing companies – brings unique challenges. Leaders in these environments have to adapt very quickly in a context of imperfect information and fast moving scenarios. They are (either consciously or unconsciously) managing their own emotions and the nerves of their executives and employees.

In light of this, coaches – who provide both safe space to think through ideas and emotions as well as constructive challenges – need to be able to adapt their style to leaders in these situations. And prepare for your own personal growth.

Using real-life case studies, you will learn:

  • The mental models of startup founders and other entrepreneurial leaders
  • The most important tools to use to support high velocity leaders
  • The limits of authenticity
  • Key leverage opportunities that you can use with high growth leaders
  • How to manage your own emotions and stay grounded

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