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Webinar: Designing Your Life: Coaching to Get Unstuck and Thrive

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Webinar: Designing Your Life: Coaching to Get Unstuck and Thrive

Dave Evans, co-founder with Bill Burnett of the Stanford Life Design Lab and co-author of the NYT worldwide bestseller Designing Your Life and their just released Designing Your Work Life introduces us to "design thinking" - the innovation methodology conceived at Stanford that has fueled the creativity of Silicon Valley and is now transforming everything from education to economics.  Dave also touches on key recommendations for dealing with pandemic challenges, taken from their YouTube series Designing Your Covid Life.  Here are just a few of the evidence-based tools and research you will learn about:

  • A review of key dysfunctional beliefs that get people stuck in their careers
  • Life and design reframes and prototyping tools that help clients get unstuck
  • Tools and tips from their Coaching Certification Workshop: Don't Resign - ReDesign; Master the Politics; the Impact Map, and dial-in your Maker Mix  

For downloadable, related resources, please go to: https://designingyour.life/resources-authorized/

Dave Evans is currently enjoying both his 6th career as an author and 5th career as a university educator and reformer.  Dave spent 15 years in leadership roles in Silicon Valley including leading the mouse and laser printing projects in the early days at Apple and was a co-founder of gaming giant Electronic Arts.  Dave then management consulted for 25 years, including extensive executive coaching, prior to teaching at UC Berkeley and founding the Stanford Life Design Lab in 2007.  Dave holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and MS in Thermosciences from Stanford and a diploma in Contemplative Spirituality from San Francisco Theological Seminary.  He and his wife Claudia live on the coast in Santa Cruz California where they enjoy hiking, biking, sailing, and trying to keep up with their two dogs and eight grandchildren.

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