Webinar: Real-Time Leadership: Find Your Winning Moves When The Stakes Are High

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Webinar: Real-Time Leadership: Find Your Winning Moves When The Stakes Are High

Getting to the top of the house is a massive new opportunity, and the greatest risk. Our HBR Press book, Real-Time Leadership, takes up where the classic first 90 days ends.  We take a new look from the perspective of our MOVE model to help leaders make it to and stay at the top of the house. It applies to CEOs and to high performers taking their first big role.

We will quickly introduce our 4-part framework on Real-Time leadership and quickly pivot to showing you how to use it to help the leaders you coach.

MOVE in a nutshell: Leaders need to be Mindfully Alert, open and agile to priorities on what to get done, how to develop and how to connect with others. Then we look at the power of Options where we offer a guide to generate four approaches to any challenge. Then leaders need to Validate their vantage point and know where they might not see clearly and then to Engage and Effect Change with all stakeholders to send out the right messages and the right intensity with the right timing.

Stepping into a big role requires a new identity, increased self-awareness, and a big shift in the way of seeing the world. It can lead to crushing pressures and the need to re-orient yourself as your relationships and business demands shift. It’s a triple play of managing the external, internal and interpersonal demands you must now meet.

To do this you must make the space between stimulus and response – what is thrown at you and how, or if, you catch it. Successful leaders have developed high-level reflexes but when you rise further you need to learn to transcend them and not let your default reactions dictate what you do next.

Our hope is to help you rise to the top of your game and be of most service to your clients.

Participants will leave the session with a better understanding of inclusive leadership and tools and strategies they can use immediately to help their clients progress toward becoming more inclusive leaders.

To get a head start, please take our self-assessment to get a head start from our webinar and an overview of our approach or watch Marshall Goldsmith interviewing us on the model.

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