Brenda Corbett

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A native of Canada, Brenda Corbett is defining leadership development here in the United States. Along with Judith Colemon, she wrote “The Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching”, a book that’s provided clear methodology and standards for a rapidly growing industry. 

 "The Sherpa Guide" has been used as a text by nine executive education programs, including the flagship program at the University of Georgia. The Sherpa certification is the only one endorsed by multiple universities.

Corbett has trained and certified executive coaches for 3M, Federal Express, Liz Claiborne, Toyota and US Bank, among others.

Brenda travels to coach at the CEO level in Fortune 500 companies, applying her Sherpa process for executive coaching.

Corbett also delivers innovative team coaching. In 2005, a health care client documented $1 million in direct savings following a 6-month team coaching engagement. Clients' awards include “Best Place to Work" and “Small Business of the Year”. 

Brenda Corbett took on employee retention in the early days of welfare to work. She developed the ‘Missing Link’, soft skills training for front line supervisors, and 'Fresh Air', promoting front line work ethic. 

Her degree comes from Waterloo, one of Canada's top universities.