Callum O'Neill

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Callum is a holistic designer, coach (Henley Business School; distinction) and facilitator of executive behavioral change through experiential and reflective learning. His passion is to engage, motivate and inspire his clients on their journeys to self-actualisation. By facilitating attitudinal, behavioral and cognitive change he helps people give themselves permission to manage, lead and coach effectively, for the benefit of all.

Callum brings a dynamic mindset and skill set from his 12-year career with NatWest Group (corporate finance business development, management, training and mentoring) merges it with his impressive background in performing arts, which facilitate his expertise in the fields of personal impact, presentation, rhetorical writing and storytelling skills.

Over the past 20 years, Callum has worked on literally thousands of cognitive and behavioral transformation projects and has established an extensive track record of working with middle, senior and C-suite leaders from large, multinational corporations and at senior management level within particular UK Government Offices. He also coaches very high profile clients.

Callum has an MSc in Coaching and Behaviour Change from the prestigious Henley Business School, England. He is also a certified assessor and practitioner of the Sytemic Team Coaching Team Connect 360 (AoEC); 6 Team Conditions Diagnostic Survey (Prof. Ruth Wageman); and the Cultural Orientations Framework diagnostic (Prof Philippe Rosinski), designed to assess and compare organisational cultures so as to highlight cultural strengths and facilitate complimentary integrations.