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Catherine is the Director of the Bell Training Group in Ocean Grove, Australia. Since 2010, she has worked with organizations around the globe to bring best people practice to life, creating environments of excellence where everyone can shine. Specializing in the application of Positive Psychology Coaching to Leadership and Organizational contexts, Catherine relies on the science to help clients realize their unique strengths, tap into authentic positive teamwork and maximise positive leadership impact. An invited faculty member of Dr. Itai Ivtzan's School of Positive Transformation, Lead Facilitator for 6 years at one of Australia's largest Coaching Schools, and past Leadership Team Member for ICF Australasia, Catherine is committed to excellence in Coaching practice and education. Her groundbreaking work in applying small group PP Coaching for a team facing redundancy was the topic of her presentations at Dr Paul Wong's International Network on Personal Meaning Biannual Summit in Vancouver 2018, and IPPA World Congress in Melbourne, 2019. A Professional Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, and Speaker, Catherine brings her unique blend of science and heart to every interaction - and has a lot of fun facilitating positive change that sticks!

What Clients are saying:

"For our Coaching Certificate we have chosen the best, and most inspiring, coaches - and so naturally Catherine was part of the teaching and coaching faculty. And what a great choice that was! Catherine is wise, funny, hard working, and simply a pleasure to work with. We are delighted we had the privilege of experiencing Catherine's teaching and coaching." - Dr Itai Ivtzan, Director, School of Positive Transformation

"Catherine was terrific in supporting our team during a time of significant change. Catherine's positive energy and expert facilitation quickly gave us a way forward both in terms of team building and strategic direction that accorded perfectly with our values as a service." - Jayne Stuart, Manager, Melbourne Counseling Service

"I had the pleasure of hearing Catherine's presentation to International Meaning Conference in Vancouver. She is a powerful speaker with grounded and practical examples to illustrate application of positive psychology in real life. There were many scientists and researchers in the room who were astounded at how she brought their research to life in ways they hadn't imagined. Catherine's passion and authentic love of working in the field of applied positive psychology comes through in every interaction, and I wholeheartedly recommend you experience this too. You'll feel better for the experience."  - Judy Hilton, Wellbeing Manager, Youth Inc.

"Not only was my Strengths Profile and Coaching so insightful, it truly is an invaluable tool. Paired with the infectious energy & passion Catherine brings to the process it was exactly what I needed to change gears. Working with Catherine is extremely motivating & is exactly what I needed to reinforce what I knew & thought I knew about myself and my strengths. I have a rejuvenated perspective & focus on myself, my career & my future." - Michelle Cote, Business Development Specialist

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