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As a business and non-profit leader with 30 years of experience across a range of consulting, philanthropic, and commercial operational roles in the US and abroad, I launched Reflective Strategies in 2017 to help executives in the healthcare, technology, and non-profit sectors understand their choices and make better decisions.

This happens through structured analysis grounded in mindfulness principles, blending the rigorous empirical techniques of traditional consulting with the guided exploration process of executive counseling.

Specific areas of coaching support include launching new healthcare ventures, assessing strategic growth opportunities, leading change, motivating consistently high performance, optimizing within constraints, forming alliances and partnerships, and providing board counsel. 

Current clients include a major academic medical center, a healthcare technology start-up, and a national social sector organization committed to using financing based on patient outcomes to cure disease. What do they have in common? Change is the only constant. My experiences working on both sides of the table—as an external adviser and as a healthcare CEO pursuing an aggressive change program—have shaped how I work with clients. 

Reflective Strategies helps leadership see things more clearly and decide more confidently. We start with what a client personally needs to be successful, whether as a new or an established executive, under current circumstances. This is where the mindfulness practices of nonjudgmental awareness and acceptance are especially helpful.  I use my training in, and decade-long experience in applying Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as a starting point.

Then, together, we build bridges to those who can help achieve those goals. We think holistically, looking at the strategic, organizational, reputational, financial, and political dimensions of the current situation through a rapid, customized, and private diagnostic process. 

Finally, we consider optimal actions based on the opportunities and constraints the client faces today and may in the future. 

My leadership roles include

  • Trustee and Senior Business Adviser, Salubris Analytics
  • Chief Executive Officer, College of American Pathologists
  • Founding Director, Disadvantaged Children and Youth Program, Atlantic Philanthropies
  • Managing Partner, Accenture.

I have an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and am a summa-cum-laude graduate of Bentley University, where I was a Presidential Academic Scholar and a Harry S. Truman Scholar nominee. I have been honored to receive Accenture’s Ken Ernst Thought Leadership Award, the Children’s Aid Society’s Charles Loring Brace Award for service to the children of New York City, and the Heroes Award from the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, also in New York City.

I spend roughly 30% of my time working on a pro bono basis to help patients and patient organizations dealing with serious and chronic illnesses, applying what I’ve learned through my wife’s decade-long experience of cancer.