Cheryl Gowdie

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Cheryl is a certified Business Coach and CEO of ACCEZY, an international Business Coaching and Consulting business. She works senior professionals and business owners to empower them to develop and successfully implement solutions to achieve their professional and business goals. She accumulated extensive business and leadership experience which she now uses to facilitate transformational outcomes for her clients.

As well as being an experienced business leader, entrepreneur and certified business coach, Cheryl is a proficient business consultant. She acquired considerable leadership and management expertise at a strategic level and was for several years adjunct professor on various master’s degree programmes at the University of London. Cheryl is currently a presenter on the professional development programme at Keiser University. Her detailed understanding and application of leadership, management and business models together with her pragmatic, result oriented and business focused approach provide a unique and valuable dimension to her work.

Cheryl is at ease in the boardroom too, having operated at board level in a wide range of sectors including non-profit, financial and professional service. Her calm and down-to-earth style is key to her success and has enabled her to create relationships of high trust, through which her clients gain the confidence to explore fundamental issues and allow her to provide sufficient challenge to enable them to achieve their goals.