David Plummer

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I am an entrepreneur, experienced senior executive and turnaround specialist with a broad frame of reference and depth of experience gained within my own, private and public companies.  I have started and grown award‐winning companies, bought and sold businesses, and turned others around.  And I have held senior leadership positions in a number of public companies, worked in over sixty countries around the world and possess a high level of functional expertise as well as twenty-eight years experience of leading and managing.

Triage, the company I now lead, is focused on unlocking the potential of Africa.  The Leadership Practice works with Investors and CEO's, helping both take a strategic approach to people and relationships.  As a coach I work with senior leaders on performance, building resilience and agility.  As a Managing Partner I work with companies on systemic change, executing strategy, organisational capability and business performance.

The Leadership Practice is also home to Africa's leading executive search business, Triage Talent, which supports Investors and Investor backed businesses with executive, business critical and difficult to fill hiring.