Dominique Mas

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About me:
* Passionate advocate and a recognized leader in group coaching and education
* Dedicated to empowering coaches and organizations to excel in creating impactful group learning environments
* Rich background in educational leadership and adult education in international schools (Europe, Asia, U.S.)
* Helped establish Medley, a pioneering leadership development organization that champions the power of group coaching.

What I do
* Have trained over 200 coaches, emphasizing the importance of developing robust training programs both internally for large organizations and externally with diverse coaching professionals.
* Expertise designing and leading coach training programs that equip coaches and leaders with the skills to foster transformative group experiences
* Co-Founder at Group Coaching HQ: A global community that provides a comprehensive toolkit for coaches, enhancing their confidence and capability to deliver exceptional group coaching experiences
* ICF-accredited certification programs that have set many coaches on paths to success

I invite you to connect and explore how we can collaborate to bring the transformative power of group coaching to your organization, unlocking potential and driving collective growth.