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Industrial Organizational Psychology | PhD | Executive Certified Coach | Psychotherapist | Counselor | Board Adviser | Lead Trainer | Sr. Management Consultant | Head Mentor | #1 Best Seller Author | Professor Chair | 501c3 Specialist | Speaker | Doctor | AI Researcher | Assessor I KAP Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy


Sr. Leader, who is offering coaching, consulting and counseling services to Fortune 100 executives, high profile, VIP and celebrity groups and individuals, to empower them beyond their biggest visions. 

Specialist in: Assessments, Growth Conversion, Team Leadership Building, Personal/Self & Business development, Feedback, Productivity, Change, Management, Hiring, Culture Sensitivity, Hybrid Team Performance Review, Project Management, Execution, Collaboration, Alignment, Allyship, Resilience, Belonging, Promotion, Mentoring, Inspiration, Motivation, Trust, Presence, Balance, Happiness, Public Speaking, High Accountability, DEI&B.

Bilingual in English and Italian. Dual Citizen: USA & EU.


Power Coach

A native of Italy, I moved to the States to pursue my PhD in Applied/Organizational Psychology.

After graduating and earning many Coaching and Hypnosis Certifications, as well, I began work as a coach for a number of Fortune 100 companies.

For Procter & Gamble, I delivered a hundreds hour training program on diversity-awareness and work-from-home skills to more than thousands of employees at all organizational levels. As a result, job satisfaction and employee retention rates increased by 90%. In less than two years, department sales profits improved 80%.

Among the highlights of my years of coaching experience are the following:

· Appointment as a Business Senior Coach with training industry leaders, for over two consecutive decades.

· Selection as a Senior Coach.


· Selection as Most Committed Coach (I understand from my own rich personal experience that people have the power to overcome great obstacles. Having built my professional life entirely on my own, I am committed to empowering my members and clients so that they too can live out their wildest dreams. Now a highly desired coach at events around the world, I appear regularly. I have led millions of individuals and groups to successful breakthroughs in Career and Wellness.

· “InterContinental MasterMind” host.

· Certified Entrepreneur Assessment Coach – I work with thousands of International corporations, nonprofit organizations, and other professionals, to improve their performance.

· “Success from the Heart” #1 Best Selling Author in 4 Categories (Business Mid-Life Management - next to Elon Musk!, Business Health & Stress, Hot New Release, and Pets & Animals).

· DISC Leadership Certified.

· Published Scientist & Expert of “An Evaluation of Pet Owners’ Attachment Style and the Human-Animal Bond”, on ProQuest.

· Author of Dog’s Lovers & “Gli Amanti del Cane” on Amazon.

· I have collaborated with all the other world master coaches, and industry leaders.

Industry experience:

  • Human Resources

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Professional Business Services

  • Agriculture

  • Automotive

  • Consulting

  • Energy

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Financial Services

  • Government & Public Sector

  • Insurance

  • IT

  • Legal

  • Leisure & Hospitality

  • Manufacturing

  • MBA

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Military

  • Nonprofit

  • Oil Gas & Natural Resources

  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech

  • Real Estate

  • Retail

  • Sales

  • Startups

  • Technology

  • Telecommunications

  • Transportation

  • Utilities

  • SMB

Coaching focus:

  • Agility & Resilience

  • Belonging

  • Career Development

  • Change Management

  • Coaching Culture

  • Communication & Feedback

  • Company Values

  • Creativity & Innovation

  • Cultural Transformation

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Employee Engagement

  • Employees in Transition

  • Expatriate/Relocation Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Health & Wellness

  • High Potential Employees

  • Increased Performance

  • Influence & Executive Presence

  • International Global Workforce

  • Leadership Development

  • Extension of a Learning & Development Program

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Mindfulness

  • Multicultural

  • New Managers

  • New Parents

  • Nutrition

  • Remote Cultural Integration

  • Retention

  • Self Awareness & EQ

  • Sales Coaching

  • Stress & Burnout

  • Succession Planning

  • Team Coaching

  • Transitions

  • Personal Values & Purpose

  • Women in Leadership

Spoken Languages:

  • English

  • Italian


"If you can dream it, you can achieve it!" :)


Senior Executive Consultant, Coach & Human Resources Capital, You Have Got The Power, Inc.   Global     2007–present

Manage corporate Fortune 40, Government, and non profit team leadership, coaching and training programs. Provide consultation to hundreds of thousands of individuals, teams, and executives, from age 25 to 90, from 180+ countries, to achieve their desired business results. Create interactive leadership curriculum and modules, to train business owners on how to support team and client goals. Deliver seminars, webinars, courses, e-courses, events, workshops, boot-camps, and retreats, throughout 5 continents. Consult, advise, mentor & coach executives, entrepreneurs, advisory board members, University graduate students and PostDoc scientists, Professors and Chairs. Supervise 500+ junior consultants.

Industrial Organizational Psychology & Development, People & Change Management

  • Brought thousands of C-Suite Amazon executives to their next big level promotion, by creating forward movement, with powerful, intentional and purposeful choices and self-discovery, in 12-24 months or less. Designed multilingual assessment tools, on different platforms, to bring shareholders, stakeholders, and executives revenues into multi-billions

  • Led the 15 youngest Internet Marketers to number 1 in the world, at Google, and Google AI

  • Hosted 500 YouTube sessions to coach hundreds of thousands of individuals, cohorts, and groups through organizational change management, including PROSCI, and more

  • Provided consultations to startup businesses that were later acquired by Facebook/Meta, going from $0 to 975M + revenue annually, with tools to solve challenges, eliminate roadblocks and overcome objections. Produced customized leadership material, guides, references, templates, manuals and handbooks. Implemented policies and ergonomics guidelines, converting over 1000 managers into advocates for work-from-home programs. Doubled the productivity of over 9,000 employees

  • Advised thousands of managers at Microsoft AI on skills to improve their teams’ performance and outcomes. Utilized all 20 different assessment methodologies I mastered, to successfully acquire and merge global teams, products and services, with little to no pressure. Evaluated years of data, used cutting edge, standardized assessments, for work life balance and more


Management Consulting

  • Oversaw over a dozen investors and shareholders to speak alongside executives at BlackRock. Tracked and measured business and finance programs, for with tens of thousands of individual employees, to quintuple client satisfaction

  • Chaired, as an advisory board member, 50 individuals in efficacy, rapport and communication, delegation, ownership & other business skills, transforming them from unemployed students into #1 multi-million dollar real estate and business brokers at Berkshire Hathaway. Helped and group coached thousands of corporate executives apply organizational development skills, empathy, emotional regulations, mindfulness and more


Chief of Impact Officer, Leadership Effectiveness, Development & Assessment

  • Created and adapted proven tools for international consultants on leadership skills, need analysis and statistical analysis, optimal sequencing strategies, surveys, and assessments, resulting in a 500% increase in their revenues and speaking engagements at Deloitte. Facilitated 20000 business builders from all industries, sectors & niches via Leadership Development, structured Branding and Influence

  • Led over 100 managers at Ernst & Young and in working-from-home skills, increasing: 

job satisfaction, employee retention, and the company's profits by over 70% and more


Head of Training, Learning and Development 

  • Conducted and drove hundreds of focus groups, interviews, mastermind programs with Broadway performers and Oscar winning Hollywood celebrities, at HBO/WarnerMedia, and Warner Bros. Discovery so they could land their next multi million dollar movie and show and formulated coach training for their world top voice experts, resulting in consistent 1000% revenue growth. Delivered a 100-hour program to over 2200 employees to foster awareness of diversity, inclusion (including Bipoc) in the workplace, develop cross-cultural and leadership (participative, transformational, servant, etc.) skills and improve work efficiency on all organizational levels. Drew and delivered specialty coaching on topics including navigating Uncertainty, working Parent, supporting others in Grief, career Growth, Scale processes, well-being Habits, Nutrition, Sleep, DEI&B, Inclusion, Communication Effectiveness, High Stakes conversations, Presenting with confidence & more, over two decades and more


VP Coach, Master and Professional Certified Coaching

  • Administered tens of thousands of leadership assessment tools, such as 360 feedback, DISC, Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment, Gallup Strengthsfinder, Change Readiness, MMPI, MBTI, OCI, OEI, CSS, and more, to increase Belonging internationally, at government agencies AirForce and Federal Aviation Administration. Executive function coached and directed 501(c)(3) non profit organizations, to significantly reduce and eliminate stress in war veterans, neurodivergent communities with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and elderly during bereavement, via tailored and customized coaching programs

  • Managed a dozen teams of designers to develop masterpieces for Royal families

  • Provided consulting to tens of thousands of Stanford students, faculty, and board members about Business Psychology, Coaching and Positive Psychology, Consumer Behavior, Psychometrics & more, to strongly impact the marketplace and workforce, and to avoid burnout. Developed hundreds of business roadmaps, agendas, framework, competencies, plans and recognition programs for professional business growth 

  • Coached tens of writers into becoming New York Times’ bestselling authors and tens of speakers into Ted Talks status, with customized approaches to their writing, speaking, expressive and leadership styles and more.

Thoughts from clients:

I have been certified by and I have collaborated with all top coaching industry leaders. I have hundreds of thousands of testimonials from happy members/clients from all over the world. Here are 3:

"In 2 years, I doubled my income and I was able to retire! Thanks Dr. Pezzini". Top World Online Marketer, Peng Joon.

"Thank you to the Coaching with Dr. Pezzini, I won an Oscar". Oscar Winner, Top Hollywood Producer, Phil Goldfine.

"With Dr. Pezzini's coaching, I now am able to do work internationally, travel whenever I like and have more energy than I know what to do with!" Fabio Pasquale, Google Executive.

2 words that describe my coaching style are: High Energy! 


to empower leaders and their animals to reduce their stress, help more living beings, maximize their profits and increase their free time, with new, fun, fast, scientific and cutting edge methodologies. 

The aims are: 

1. Ensure you, as a member, achieve every single one of your desired goals, while supported, each step of the way, by professional master certified coaches. Increase your knowledge, development, growth, and awareness, so you make the best choice in your life and business 

2. Heighten your time and money, freedom, happiness, wellness, self-love, inner peace, lifestyle and quality of life 

3. Support you and all members to stay on the path of their dreams; share with you all the best inner power tools with you, the community, and continue giving to charity, causes and non profit services. 



•Strengthen International Leadership communities, with effective and elite coaching 

•Help members overcome obstacles, challenges, and fears, thanks to live and virtual training courses, professional coaching, visualizations, imagery, applied psychology tools, organizational development, consumer behavior, educational books, membership sites, and giving back to charities and causes 

•Use all technology platforms (blogs, forum, networking, etc.) to connect like-minded and like-hearted leaders, from all over the world, to share a wealth of resources, contacts, best practices, research findings, and more.

I recently re-read "Success from the Heart", #1 best seller, multi-authored by some coaching clients and me.

My proudest accomplishments are: 

  1. Taking hundreds of thousands of international super achiever clients, exactly where they want to be!

  2. PhD in Organizational Psychology and License in Psychology, Professional Coaching Certifications, all the other psychological assessment certifications.

  3. Dual Citizen, Bilingual Italian English. 


coaching groups of Fortune executives, worldwide, on: productivity, change, manager as coach, inclusive hiring, inspiring/motivating, executive leadership, allyship, trust culture, presence, belonging, balance, collaboration & alignment, performance, happiness, self development, teams, feedback, navigating uncertainty, diversity, presenting with confidence, high level communication, and, resilience/resiliency.

I’m most grateful for: 

my health. I look much younger than I am ;) Thanks to my well-being & wellness routine.