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My passion for positively impacting society, yearning to build and nurture intimate relationships, and professional integrity driving me to forever grow fuel me in my coaching. My Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Central Florida is in English Creative Writing. As a published writer and poet with a collection in print, successful editor of two literary magazines, and former English department chair and teacher, my world has always revolved around stories. I’ve published and presented on the works of James Joyce domestically as well as internationally and have published a well-reviewed book on teaching Joyce’s works in secondary school. I also proudly serve as an associate board member of the Museum of Childhood Ireland. As a coach my world continues to revolve around stories – your stories. The subtle nuance between denotation and connotation can mean the difference between a new relationship or a catastrophic argument; the tone you use can speak volumes where your words fail; the way you develop the characters in your life influences how they impact the plot; and most importantly, the choices you make as the author determine all of this.

Having thoroughly interviewed two Nobel Laureates in Literature; twenty-four Pulitzer Prize recipients; eight U.S. Poets Laureate; an Oscar and Golden Globe winner; numerous editors, publishers, and acclaimed writers including Maya Angelou in her last recorded interview which is now in the Permanent Archives of the Library of Congress, I can say confidently that I've come to learn and appreciate the relationship between our lives and the stories we tell. It is truly astounding the impact language has on our behavior and it is a thrill for me, as a coach, and for my clients to look at the language of our narratives and find that "word as cunningly hidden in its maze of confused drapery as a fieldmouse in a nest of coloured ribbons..." as James Joyce wrote in Finnegans Wake. 

The core values that drive me are 1) passion-driven contribution, utilizing my passion to have a positive impact on society; 2) genuine relationships, building and nurturing genuine intimate relationships; and 3) professional integrity, having a passion for what I do and constantly striving to improve. And it is worth noting that the thing I probably take most seriously is my sense of humor. If we can't laugh, or at least smile at times, then what's the point? 

My training is through the Co-Active Institute in which I received over a hundred hours of education and real-time practice. I also work with Master Coaches, always striving to learn and improve. And I have an article on my narrative linguistic approach to coaching getting published in a forthcoming Spring 2021 edition of Qorpus, a Brazilian scholarly journal managed by the Federal University of Santa Catarina.

​It is the honor of my life when people share their stories with me and allow me to help them navigate their lives with purpose and clarity. Everyone has a story. What's yours? 

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