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Elisabet Lagerstedt is the Founder and Director of Future Navigators, and a Senior Executive Advisor, Consultant and Coach based in Sweden. She helps CEOs and C-level executives move beyond business as usual and build Better Business and a Better Future. Facilitating insight, strategy, innovation, and transformation - on individual, organizational and ecosystemic levels. 

Why is this so vital? Because good business is simply good for business, and seriously needed in solving the world's wicked problems. Also, it is an important key for any company aiming to become fit for the future. You as a business leader is crucial in this transformation. By growing vertically, expanding your impact, providing purpose, direction and resources, you can contribute to meaning, transformation, growth - and even help enhancing the wellbeing of both people and planet, while future proofing your business.

Elisabet brings 25+ years of business experience, of which 15 years on a management team level in large organizations. Since 2013 she runs Future Navigators, a boutique consultancy, where she helps leaders re-imagine the future and move beyond business as usual. 

Academically, Elisabet holds a Masters of Social Sciences from Lund University School of Economics and Management, an Inner MBA from New York University's MindfulNYU, and executive education from Harvard Business School, IMD, Oxford, INSEAD, and Singularity University. 

She is a strategic systems and design thinker, certified Board Director and StageSHIFT Coach - with a special focus on vertical leadership development in an organizational and ecosystemic context.

Elisabet is also the author of "Navigera in i Framtiden" (2018) and "Better Business Better Future" (2022). Elisabet was a guest writer at INSEAD Knowledge 2014-2016. She is a speaker at management conferences, and a mentor and guest lecturer at Lund University School of Economics and Management since 2011. 

As an Executive Coach Elisabet applies Vertical Leadership Development as to the StageSHIFT approach to support executive development and enterprise evolution towards green/teal. All with a focus on developing the transformative leaders and organizations we need to solve the world's wicked problems, build Better Business, and a Better Future.

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