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Vist me on LinkedIn. Erika received an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Labor and Human Resources from The Ohio State University, which supported her work in human resources and organizational leadership in banking, government and Fortune 500 retail organizations. Erika is the Chief Coaching Officer for Wellcoaches, leading a team of 50 coaching leaders from all of the world who have trained over 14,000 coaches since 2002. She is co-author of critical health and wellness coaching texts such as The Coaching Psychology Manual, The Complete Handbook of Coaching (Chapter 23) and A Pilot Study of Health & Wellness Coaching for Fibromyalgia. Erika is also an instructional design consultant for ImprovEdge, combining neuroscience and improvisation, and volunteer instructional designer for Braver Angels, designing workshops that bring Americans together to bridge the partisan divide. She co-founded a regional organization designed to promote anti-racism in her rural community. And, for fun, Erika launched a community theatre and sings in a band with her husband and children. Listen to Erika's discussion about coaching on EmergoRadio.