Haesun Moon

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Haesun describes her life as "full of pleasant surprises" meeting many practitioners, searchers and researchers, and some skeptics with good questions that provoke meaningful dialogues. She is the Program Director of Solution Focused Brief Coaching Program at University of Toronto, and she also works in Organizational Development & Leadership at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Haesun has deeper understanding and experience of transformative executive education in large organizations including public sector and nonprofit organizations. 

As one of Canada`s leading educators and advocates for Solution Focused Brief Coaching, Haesun teaches locally and internationally working with senior managers and executive level leaders on broad range of organizational topics including change management, performance evaluation, and strategic thinking. Creating small shift in dialogues at work, at school, and at home to bring about positive changes in people through intentional use of language is Haesun’s area of expertise and passion, and she contributes by research, facilitation, and coaching. Haesun is also a dog lover and an amateur musician.