Hitomi Taguchi

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Hitomi is an executive and leadership coach dedicated to enhancing the productivity, effectiveness, and overall potential of her clients. She has over a decade of leadership and management experience across academic, corporate, and non-profit sectors, and is a dedicated instructor for developing leadership competencies among women professionals in STEM fields. Her reputation extends globally through international speaking engagements and a scholarly portfolio comprising 67 co-authored presentations, 25 peer-reviewed publications and authorship of two book chapters.

In her coaching practice, Hitomi generates profound insights with her clients that get to the root of their challenges and transform them into opportunities.  She provides immediate value to her clients through the application of deep inquiries, catalyzing their exploration of uncharted paths and the development of practical goals. She adeptly discerns core issues amidst her clients’ mental clutter and offers intuitive yet strategic action items that propel them to achieve outcomes that exceed their expectations.

Hitomi holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Waseda University, Japan. She is a certified coach accredited by the Co-active Training Institute (CPCC) and the International Coaching Federation (ACC). Currently residing in Japan, she coaches in both English and Japanese.