Ian Macnaughton

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I focus on family dynamics, conflict management, and succession planning. Among other businesses, I have a particular focus on Real Estate families. As both a psychotherapist and a past second-generation family business owner, I have lived to experience some of the interpersonal and succession issues that families go through in a family enterprise. I have taught organizational behaviour, design, and family systems at several universities and colleges. I am a Ph.D. (human science), EMBA, FEA, AFBA, AWFA; I am on the teaching Faculty for the Family Firm Institute, where I am both a Fellow and the holder of the Richard Backhand Award for outstanding contribution to the field of the family business.

Throughout my lengthy career in business and family coaching, my goal has always been to build relationships and the framework to keep those relationships healthy. As an entrepreneur, family therapist and organizational consultant, I have facilitated powerful family and organizational change, and seen family members and advisors come together to create a common future that lasts for generations.