Jaspal Bajwa

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Partnering initiatives to ignite excellence is a passion with Jaspal.

As a CXO profit-center head for leading business organizations, Jaspal mentored leaders across the globe for over 3 decades. Having worked in the trenches, he knows what it takes.*

As a Coach & Consultant for Transformational Leadership and Organization Vitality, Jaspal works with high-potentials to enable them to play BIG, be Self-Directed AND Stakeholder-Focused.  CXOs & Profit Center Heads and their teams are helped to achieve even greater Success ‘n Joy as their teams go for Best-in-Class.

A deep interest in the art and the science of Life ‘n Leadership ensures he never misses an opportunity to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn...to Serve

Jaspal is an associate of the Marshall Goldsmith global network and the Fons Trompenaars network for Cultural Intelligence (CQ). He is certified as a team coach by Prof David Clutterbuck's at the Global Team Coaching Institute. He holds a PCC from ICF & the Center for Coaching Mastery, CoachVille (USA). Additionally, he has an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad - a Top 5 Business School in Asia.